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United States of America (USA) flag 42 x 70" vintage

United States of America (USA) flag 42 x 70" vintage

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National flag of the United States of America, salvaged from an oceangoing ship.  The American flag would have been the vessel's "flag of convenience" or "courtesy flag" and was flown by a vessel which actually called (visited) a port in the U.S., so it has been to the "homeland"! 

Natural material.  Screened stars, stitched stripes.  Light patina, light soil, moderate wear on hem.  Hole (see additional picture). Smells like a ship. 

Approximately 42" x 70".

The flag consists of thirteen equal horizontal stripes of red / white / red / white (each stripe representing each of the 13 British colonies that declared independence from Great Britain and became the first U.S. states) with a blue rectangle in the canton, called the "union", which has fifty white, 5-pointed stars in horizontal rows (each star representing each of the 50 U.S. states).

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