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Martinique snake flag 34 x 71" vintage

Martinique snake flag 34 x 71" vintage

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Country flag of French territory Martinique, salvaged from an oceangoing ship.  The Martinican flag would have been the vessel's "flag of convenience" or "courtesy flag" and was flown by a vessel which actually called (visited) a port at the Caribbean island of Martinique, so it has been to the "homeland"! 

As part of the French West Indies, Martinique is located in the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea.

Natural material.  Stitched.  Heavy patina, heavy soil, light wear.  No rips or tears. Smells like a ship.

Approximately 34" x 71".

The snake flag (drapeau aux serpents) features a white cross on a blue field with a white fer-de-lance viper in each corner.  The snake symbols originated as "L-shapes" for Lucia (formerly the French colonies of Martinique and Saint Lucia).  According to Wikipedia, it is controversial due to its historical use on ships engaged in the Atlantic slave trade. 

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