California Flag (CA)

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Every American knows the bear that is on California's flag. Although, there are people out there who might wonder "what does the California flag look like?" Coming to Homeland Flags would have them finding out what it looks like real quick! The California flag for sale here is the exact modern design that thousands of Californians are flying outside right now.

A little bit of history

The flag was first flown in the 1846 Bear Flag Revolt. The California flag was used to show independence from Mexico; the Bear Flag Revolt was basically a bunch of rowdy Americans sticking it to the Mexican government. This resulted in California gaining independence, and then being admitted into the Union on September 9, 1850. State #31.

California is known for its massive, booming economy. It all started with the Gold Rush in the 19th century and it has not slowed one bit ever since. If you're a fan of American grown fruit and vegetables, then you regularly eat the food grown right in California.

"Where to buy California flag?" Is a common question we often hear, and the answer to that is right here on Homeland Flags! These flags are built with high quality Polyester and will last a long time. Especially in California's optimal weather that is perfect flag flying weather.

Grab one for yourself today!