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Brunei flag 34 x 56" vintage

Brunei flag 34 x 56" vintage

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Country flag of Brunei, formally Brunei Darussalam, salvaged from an oceangoing ship.  The Brunei flag would have been a vessel's "flag of convenience" or "courtesy flag" and was flown by a vessel which actually called (visited) a port in Brunei, so it has been to the "homeland"! 

Synthetic material.  Screened.  Light patina, light soil, light wear.  No rips or tears. Smells like a ship.

Approximately 34" x 56".

The national flag consists of a rest with an upward facing red crescent and parasol, with red hands on each side.  Two diagonal stripes: 1 white, 1 black, run across the yellow field.

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