Florida Flag (FL)

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The Sunshine State, home to the oldest city in the United States. The Florida flag for sale here on Homeland Flags is the result of a May 21, 1985 modification that altered the State seal in the middle of the flag. They essentially added more detail to the seal and brought it up to modern, graphical standards. With the original state flag approved for State use all the way back on November 6, 1900, it had been 75 years since Florida adopted the original flag.

The State of Florida is massive. Everyone from around the world dreams of going on a world class fishing trip, or visiting Disney World, or going down to the Everglades for a week. With the 3rd biggest economy out of the 50 states, both the flag and the State are the envy of every other state in the Union.

Having the Florida flag flying high outside of your home looks incredible. Especially if it is flying beside the American flag. A truly incredible way to show your patriotism. Looking incredible with Florida's year 'round Summer colors that everyone from the Northern states dream of having.

If you are looking to pick up a Florida state banner today, then you've come to the right place. These Florida flags are made using high quality Polyester and will last for a long time. Especially outside in Florida's optimal, flag flying weather. Buy one today!